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Patrick's Tower
Patrick's Tower
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Patrick is a powerful mage and and was together with Erika and Solberg a member of the first Triad of the Tower of Magi but has now retired to this tower.

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Person Function Items, Quests and Notes Rating
Granby Captain A rather disgruntled Captain of Patrick's guard.  
Marco Cook He would love to get his hands on some garlic and some decent oil, but here in Avernum ...  
Patrick Mage He tells you that his wife is very ill and he is just waiting for her to die, which she certainly will unless someone can find some Greymould Salve for her. Quest
Rita Mage Tells you about crystal charms.  
Hathwisa Patrick's wife She is ill and can only be cured with Greymould Salve. Quest
Anji Mage Tells you about the first expedition and "Smite" the giant slaying spear.  
Kai Mage Will teach you recipes for Energy Elixir and Strength Elixir. slightly
Adam Mage He has the flu but will tell you a bit about crystals, in particular the one at the base of the statue in Fort Avernum that Nance has already told you about.  


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It is always a good idea to talk to everybody. The following notes give hints on hidden rooms, traps and puzzles.

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In the far corner of the library in the NE is a tome which teaches all mages the first six mage spells at L1. Actually not a great deal of use at this stage: they almost certainly have them.

In the main library are two tomes that give you information. One tells a bit about King Micah; the other suggests that the Orb of Thralni was probably lost in the Waterfall Warren.

Off the main corridor to the east is a hidden room with two crates and a barrel containing a few potion ingredients and some fine lockpicks.

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If you get some Greymould Salve and heal Hathwisa Patrick will tell you to look at his desk. There is a button which opens a secret passage behind a bookcase. This leads through a passage with a magical barrier to a bookcase guarded by a basilisk. The book tells you, "The Fort Beckons Anew". This is the password for getting past the barrier to the Golden Key which is hidden in a prison cell in the Castle.

After you have spoken to Erika about finding an exit to the surface, he will give you part of the password.

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Whether written "Greymould" as in England or "Graymold" as in America there is a lot of confusion about this substance. The Hints Book tells you to talk to Glenda in the Tower of Magi. She does not say anything about greymould. It is actually Zathnia who tells you, that she is standing in for Cortath who has gone off looking for greymould and that Phyllea in Fort Draco probably knows of his whereabouts. There are also some hints (e.g. from Malville in Dharmon or Hodgson in Fort Emerald) about where to find the mould. The Hints Book also states that Greymould Salve can be found in Grah-Hoth's treasure room, which is a fat lot of help: by the time you get to his castle, Hathwisa is probably long since dead.

One use of Greymould Salve is needed to cure Hathwisa and Greymould is needed for making the Salve and for a quest for Ether in Mertis. The Salve can not only be found by Grah-Hoth but also in the hidden research laboratory in the Slith Fort. The recipe, which needs Potion Making skill 5, can be found in the hut by the Remote Lake. Greymould can be found in Erika's Tower (in her chambers), in a storeroom near the docks in Cotra, outside the Hidden Island Tower and in other places which I have forgotten. There is also a regenerating patch of it where the three rivers run together to the east of the Giant Lands and it can be bought from some Slith Traders on the Lakes.


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