Cotra Eastern Province

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List of all towns and shops in Avernum

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General Hints

This is the main town in the area. There are quite a few people here to talk to. Some of them become more important later in the game; so you will need to come here fairly often.

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Shops, People and Quests
Person Function Items, Quests and Notes Rating
Elspeth Shopkeeper
Sells basic weapons and armour with a few "fine" items. expensive
Eduardo Shipwright As well as selling you a boat he is willing to expound on the Sliths. 250
Andrew Assistant Andrew works in the shipyard and will join you if you have sufficient reputation (min. 15). He is a good fighter, has a high tool use and is a good addition to a low level party (see intoduction).
Paul Clerk He is sitting at a desk in the lobby of the City Hall.
Steele Mayor A man of few words who does not like being inerrupted. He will give you the mission to rescue prisoners from the Nepharim underground fort. Reward: Drakeskin Cloak, 250 coins, 30 xp and 1 point reputation. Quest
Jenny Apothecary Her selection of potions is very basic, but she does have some energy potions. She will give you the quest to find Erika's Tower (Reward: 100 coins, 20xp and 1 reputation). She will not teach you any alchemy but suggests you ask Konig in the inn (who actually does not know any recipes). Quest expensive
Elizabeth Innkeeper As well as offering a room for 5 coins or beer, she sells rations. This is the person Matthias in Fort Emerald is looking for but she is not very pleased to be reminded of him. Rm: 5
Asp Guest Seems to be a rather unsavoury character. He will however give some useful information later in the game.
Konig Guest (Mage) It is worth talking to Konig. He will tell you about the Crystal Cave and can teach you a spell.
Nance Townswoman Nance, a friend of Elspeth, is wandering around the town. She prefers working with magical crafts to dealing in weapons and will tell you about the mysterious blue crystals that are occasionally found lying around in Avernum. (They are actually Mind Crystals which teach one person a skill. You will have to wait until Avernum 2 to find out who made them.)
Talking Statue
(Erika has Password)
Only tells you, that there is a Crystal Cavern nearby with magical restorative powers, but someone has vandalised it and it awaits repair. By the time you get this message you have probably already repaired it.

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It is always a good idea to talk to everybody. The following notes give hints on hidden rooms, traps and puzzles.

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There is an inn run by Elizabeth. Rooms here are cheap (5 coins).

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Hidden Room

There is a hidden room with two corpses in it at the end of the SE Walkway in the walls. Nobody seems very interested in these murders, but one of the bodies has a silver ring and there are some iron bolts and arrows lying around.

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Mind Crystal

The mind crystal Nance tells you about is at the base of a statue on the east side of Fort Avernum. It will train one member of the party in the ability Beast Call. Although I have often given this ability to party members I have very seldom actually used it.

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Konig and Crystal Cave

Konig (or should it be König?) is the mage sitting in the inn. If you have a reputation of at least 20 he will teach you Call Beast L3. The Crystal Cave he tells you about is hidden on the other side of the waterfall north of Cotra. It is dealt with in a seperate entry.

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Silver Circlet

Once you have managed to talk to Scab in Spire he will tell you that Asp has some information about the Silver Circlet, which means you have to travel all the way from Spire to Cotra, speak to Asp who sells the information for 100 gold and then back to Spire to get the circlet. I usually amuse myself with some side quests on such long journeys.

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Locked rooms

The storeroom in the south of the inn has some barrels with quite a lot of food in them. You could steal it if food is short.

The southernmost of the two storerooms near the docks has a barrel with a charge of greymould.