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List of all towns and shops in Avernum

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The Mayor of the town is rather supercilious. The other inhabitants are also rather stange, each in his or her own way.

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Person Function Items, Quests and Notes Rating
Clive Shopkeeper
Sells very good weapons and also bows, steel arrows and bolts. slightly
Hestia Shopkeeper
Although she talks a lot about the fabulous food she fabricates, she only sells fine meal. slightly
de Bry Mayor Gives you a quest to find out who is leading the bandits who operate north of Fort Saffron. He is however rather mean. The only reward you get is 20xp. Quest
Edlin Prisoner He will tell you about the platinum brooch that he says Bertaud in Mertis stole.  
Malville Priest Teaches Priest spells Sanctuary, Divine Fire, Control Foes and offers healing (expensive). He also gives some tips about learning Return Life and finding Greymould. expensive
Witch   Teaches mage spells Summon Aid, Beast Ceremony, Fireblast. She will give you a quest to locate the Valorim Bestiary and will sell recipes for Energy Elixir, Strength Elixir, Protection Brew and Heroic Brew. expensive
Nixa Innkeeper Just offers a room and mead Room: 5
Malka Guest She will advise you to ask Royce in Blosk about the ‘Scimitar’. When you have joined them she will tell you there is a secret entrance to Dharmon in the north.  
Mentta Begger He will sell you information about Eldin in the prison. Dexter in Almaria wants you to kill him. If you do, you will loose reputation.  
  Talking Statue
(Erika has Password)
Tells you about Edlin and about a secret storeroom in the north of the town.  


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It is always a good idea to talk to everybody. The following notes give hints on hidden rooms, traps and puzzles.

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There is an inn run by Nixa. Rooms here are cheap (5 coins).

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There is a secret room in the SW of the town but I have not found a way in.

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If you enter from the north you can, after fighting a few cave rats, find a hidden door that leads to a boat which you can use to take you to the prison cells so that you can talk to Edlin.

If you row the boat to the NW you can land on a small area with two traps and a locked door to the south. Behind the door are three demons which are guarding some (bandit's) loot: Dancing Boots (reduce battle effectiveness), a crate with some furs (one "beautiful") another crate with 4 Iron Bars, 2 trapped chests one with 170+200 coins the other with 10 Bolts of Life, a recall crystal and 2 Bars of Silver.

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The witch sends you of to look in the library of the Tower of Magi for the Bestiary. When you return to tell her it is not there, she gives you 25 coins and 15 xp and tells you to look in Patrick's library. This time she gives you 50 coins and 30xp and sends you off to Erika, who actually has it. When you return from Erika she lets you read a tome which teaches Ice Lances L3.


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