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List of all towns and shops in Avernum

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This is a slightly complicated town. You can find the ring Dexter in Almaria wants. You can also get a hint on how to find the Scimitar.

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Person Function Items, Quests and Notes Rating
Jonnhalyn Shopkeeper
She has a good selection of weapons and armour, buys loot for a good price and will buy ore for 25 coins a sack. slightly
Leith Shopkeeper
(misc. Items)
Leith is a jack-of-all-trades. He will identify items for 5 coins, buys loot at a good price and sells a variety of good items like magical lockpicks and elixirs. He also asks you to take a message to Shaynee, for which she will reward you well. For 100 coins he will tell you that the Wand of Carrunos will make foes fiercer. slightly
Bruce Shopkeeper
He has a good selection in particular steel arrows. slightly
Jeff Child Leith's son, is growing up to be an adventurer.  
Demel Shopkeeper
Sells only mushroom meal for 10 coins (which can be sold to Jen in Formello for 15 coins). extremely
Bartholomew Trainer Just training.  
Vicky Innkeeper Not only is he an innkeeper but also the mayor. He does not however have any missions. Room: 10
Sabrina Priest If you have already spoken to Dilbert in Fort Saffron she will tell you about the pike called Smite in the Pit of Drake. She will join your party only if you have killed the acursed Chasm Drake.  
Royce Guest Malka in Dharmon told you to ask him about the Scimiter. He tells you to talk to Calder in Bargha Quest
Kathy Begger She is an absolutely rundown achoholic who will tell you her sob-story if you give her some coins.  
outside Talking Statue
(Erika has Password)
This poor statue is in a bad way. It is cracked and broken and has been thrown outside the town walls. It will however tell you that it heard a man called Edlin bragging that he had stolen a brooch and was going to sell it in Dharmon. Not exactly new info.  


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It is always a good idea to talk to everybody. The following notes give hints on hidden rooms, traps and puzzles.

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There is an inn run by Vicky. Rooms here are expensive (10 coins).

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The Ring Dexter wants is in an isolated building in the NW.


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