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Just out: Last Chance To Learn The Twist

On September 8, 2023, Big Stir Records released "Last Chance To Learn The Twist," Graham's latest album. On it Graham is backed by the fabulous Goldtops again!

Now out on Big Stir Records!

In March 2021 100% Records had released the album Five Old Souls.

Recorded at the Southampton gig on the 2018 tour, it features Cloud Symbols backing band The Goldtops alongside the long-awaited return of the Rumour Brass. The album includes highlights from Cloud Symbols alongside plenty of old favourites with a heavy focus on the Howlin' Wind and Heat Treatment albums.

More Rumour-related releases:

A great new version of the song The Man In The Rhyme by The Punch House Family w/ Rumour member Andrew Bodnar, sung by Julie Leng. Andrew again generously offers the song here as a free MP3 download, including a PDF-cover for printout. Don't forget the first version of the song and Andrew's great 2014 track Pickering Boy, both also still offered as a free download.

The second solo album called Tangled from Brinsley Schwarz (himself), formerly with Brinsley Schwarz (the band), Ducks Deluxe, and Graham Parker and the Rumour, among others, is out on Fretsore Records.

Also out on Quake Records is the reissue of Martin Belmont's great 1995 album Big Guitar.

This newly remastered edition contains eight bonus tracks. In Europe you might better check Amazon UK to get it.

This site is dedicated to my favourite musician, Graham Parker. I'm a fan of many other artists, but only for GP I would be crazy enough to do this kind of job. Ever since hearing "Stick To Me" or "NY Shuffle" on Radio Luxembourg in 1977 I was hooked!

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