Avernum Escape from the Pit Gremlin Cave Lakes/Slithzerikai

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Gremlin Cave
Gremlin Cave
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General Hints

This is a tricky cave. Firstly there are lots of Gremlins which are a bit painful but nowhere so annoying as in A1. Secondly there are lots of hidden passages and teleporters that transport you to unexpected destinations. Thirdly there are some Empire soldiers, mages and priests, not to mention two Infernal Constructs.

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The first bit is relatively straight forward: just eliminate all the various gremlins in the first parts of the cave. Then you have to find a hidden passage in the west wall of the cave as far to the NE you can go, which leads to a teleporter that sends you into the empire barracks.

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Empire Barracks

You arrive in a corridor leading into the barracks. Behind the door are Dhoul of the Circle, a rather tough mage, and some Elite Soldiers and Assassins. The door to the south leads to room with some tougher enemies – Torma of the Circle, Commander Bhaoul and some more Elite Soldiers and Assassins. In this rather tough fight I try to concentrate on the mage and the commander as they are spell casters.

After killing off all the Empire enemies you can pick up the dropped items. If you search around in the various rooms you will find a lot of useful items including coins and some potion making ingredients.

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*Empire Barracks

This quest is still called The Empire Orb as in A1 but in this game it is now actually an Enchanted Crystal. All the same, you have now got to find this thing.

The NE portal takes you to the NW corner of the dungeon. To the south you come to a heptagram and a bridge leading across a chasm to a second heptagram in the middle of which is the enchanted crystal. You will be asked what you want to do. The only sensible answer is to smash it, which causes two Infernal Constructs to appear in the passages to the north and south. Since the orb is breakable in combat mode, it is a good idea to enter combat mode, haste, bless and shield the party, place your warriors near the eastern heptagram and then send a spell caster to smash the orb. This way you ready for the golems-like creatures, which are pretty tough.

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Leaving the Cave

Now you have completed the task you can leave the caves and collect your reward (join the Scimitar). But how?

To the south is a teleporter which just takes you back to the NW so that you have to jump of the ledge to get back to the runes and bridge. You must find the secret passage which leads to a a further teleporter.

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Secret Doors