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Map of Avernum
Spiderweb's Map of Avernum
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Splitting up Avernum

I have divided Avenum into the following areas:

Outdoors there are many Special Encounters. There is also an Alpahbetical List of the towns and dungeons followed by a List indexed by the numbers on the "World Map" in the Hints Book.

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Eastern Gallery

This is where you start off. After leaving Fort Avernum it is a good idea to explore this cave. The few wandering monsters (mainly nephilim and bandits) are relatively easy.

Fort Avernum: friendly
After escaping from the cellars, you should talk to Tor and Thairl and then explore the town a bit (also outside the walls). Do not forget that stealing is no crime unless you get caught! Then off to the nearby towns Silvar, Cotra and Duvno.

Silvar: friendly
There are a lot of people here to talk to. You can complete your first quest (find Anastasia) and get some missions.

Cotra: friendly
You can also get some new quests here. It is important to talk to every one here. There are some people who will become important later in the game, so you will have to visit this town fairly often. This is a good place to sell any items you have picked up and to buy a boat.

Fort Duvno: friendly
The mayor will give you some quests and Jason gives a good price for the loot you have picked up on your missions.

Bandit Fort: hostile
A good place to cut your teeth on, as newly fledged adventurers. None of the brigands are too diffucult for a low level party.

Goblin Caves: hostile
Goblins are building a fortress in this cave for the Nephrim. As well as some good loot and a key, you can get a reward from Captain Johnson in Fort Duvno

Underground Nephilim Fort: hostile
Mayor Steele in Cotra asked you to free some prisoners that are locked up here. This dungeon is a bit difficult for a low level party. If you cannot beat the Nephilim warriors camped outside, you will not be able to kill the chieftain in the dining hall and free the prisoners. You can however pick up some good loot and, if you are strong enough, recover part of the Demonslayer.

Bat Cave: hostile
This is an interesting little cave where you can not only complete two jobs and pick up a bit of loot but also learn a level 3 spell. The first part is not very difficult to get through. You will however have to come back later in order to complete the last parts.

Fort Dranlon: friendly
Fort Dranlon is right on the front line with Sliths in the west, Giants to the northwest and Aranea to the North.

Crystal Cave: outdoors
There is a hidden Cave north of Cotra which is broken and requires 6 crystals to repair it.

Island Fort: hostile
This fort is on an island in the lake to the south of Dranlon and west of Cotra.

Swamp City: hostile
It is a good idea to try this cave as soon as possible. Here you can recover the rare tome for Mairwen after which she will teach you Dispel Barriers. There is however another way of learning this important spell.

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Formello and Motrax should be visited relatively early. The caves in this area do not have many difficult wandering monsters.

Formello: friendly
The biggest town in the northeast of Avernum. You can get everything you need: training, spells and supplies. There are also some quests and quite a bit of information to be picked up.

Lair of Motrax: friendly
Poor old Motrax is getting on in years, even for a dragon. He is very friendly and gives you some useful (and also important) information.

Nephilim Fortress: hostile
The Nephilim have stolen Mayor Evelyn's golden necklace. Their fortress is the most complex dungeon in the early stages of the game. You can find not only the necklace but also a lot of treasure and two level 3 spells. When you have completed all three levels you will be stong enough to clear out everything in the northeast. But it is probably better to visit the Tower of Magi and the Great Cave first.

Ancient Crypt: hostile
This dungeon is difficult to get into and, when you have completed it, to get out of. If you get stuck the town-description will help.

Solberg's Tower (Hidden Tower): neutral
There is a tower not far from Formello, hidden away in a volcanic area which can only be reached by boat. When you get there you find you cannot get in. First you need to talk to people in the Tower of Magi. There you will find out what a mess Linda has made and how Solberg can help you.

Fort Draco: friendly
The mines in the NE of Avernum are very rich in good quality ore. Fort Draco is the centre of mining activity in this area.

Spider Cave: neutral
The GIFTS (Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Spiders) are always somewhere in these games. They are certainly big and friendly; they also talk to you; but I am not quite sure about their intelligence! The spider chief (who is called Spider) will give you the quest to free a spider prisoner. When you have completed this quest you can get one of the brooches needed for the "Get revenge upon the Empire" Quest.

Aranea City: hostile
Here is the prisoner Spider asked you to free. There is not much treasure here except a few coins.

Aranea Cave: hostile
This cave is a bit tricky for a low to medium level party. You can get a lot of coins, the Dread Curse and a Crystal Shard and also learn a level 3 spell.

Lost Bahssikava: neutral
Although this dungeon is marked as neutral, is consists mainly of a complex three level dungeon full of lizards, drakes, cave slimes and other monsters. The village on the surface is friendly. Sss-Voss will give you the quest to return the Answering Stone. Your troubles start here. You need a relatively high level party and lots of energy potions to get through this dungeon.

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This includes the area around Mertis and the road to the Tower of Magi, which can all be visted by a low level party, although the occasional groups of ogres can be a bit difficult. The Honeycomb and the volcanic areas to the south of the road to Almaria and the Great Cave are best left until later.

Mertis: friendly
Mertis is a quiet little town which is troubled by a plague of undead.

Spiral Pit: hostile
There is a Spiral Pit inhabited by undead in all Avernum games. In this dungeon you can not only alleviate the undead problem but also get the Pearl Brooch.

Tower of Magi: friendly
The Tower of Magi is the centre of magical learning in Avernum and is ruled by the Triad. The original Triad comprised Erika, Rone and Patrick. The present members are Linda, Solberg and X. A group of psychologically very unstable characters!

Ogre Cave: hostile
Not only do you get a reward from Ambrin in the Tower of Magi for killing the Ogre Mage, but you can pick up a lot of treasure and learn a level 3 spell.

Shattered Fort (Akhronath): hostile
A Royal Seal is still hidden away in the onetime lair of Grah-Hoth.

Cave of Athron: neutral
The Dragon Athron is very touchy about visitors, probably because she has a brood of young. If you are persistent enough she will however deign to speak to you and will tell you part of the password needed to get to the surface.

Slith Temple: hostile
This dungeon can be only be reached by boat either from lake between the Eastern Gallery and the Honeycomb or from the Slithzerikai controlled lakes. Logically it belongs to the lakes, but the area fits better onto the map of the Honeycomb and the area around the Tower of Magi. In this temple, where the followers of Sss-Thsss worship Grah-Hoth, you can not only pick up a lot of loot and learn a level 3 spell, but can also recover part of the Demonslayer and find Nvrvssa for the Mayor of Almaria.

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Great Cave

You should vist the Great Cave and particularly The Castle as soon as you have got a Crown Token from Mayor Evelyn in Formello. Most of the cave is relatively free of wandering monsters. Only in the southwest between Fort Remote and Patrick's Tower should you watch out for gremlins who are usually accompanied by slimes or poisoned fungi.

Almaria: friendly
A quiet river town at the entrance to the Great Cave.

The Castle: friendly
This is the administrative capital of Avernum. Here resides King Micah and his retinue. You can get a few quests not to mention some important information and artefacts.

Gnass: friendly
A village with friendly Sliths who are still rather reticent about contact with humans.

Blosk: friendly
A large town where you can train as well as buy and sell.

Dharmon: friendly
The Mayor of the town is rather supercilious. The other inhabitants are also rather stange; each in his or her own way. There is a bandit's hoard and a prisoner who can give you useful information.

Shaynee's Bazaar: outdoors
Shaynee sells a few rather uninteresting things. Much more importantly she can teach you a level 3 spell.

Dharmon Armor: outdoors
This Armoury has some very good quality armour at pretty average prices.

Fort Emerald: friendly
This Fort holds off the attacks of the Slithzerikai to the north.

Fort Saffron: friendly
One more fort on the way to the Abyss.

Patrick's Tower: friendly
Patrick was a member of the first Triad and helped found Avernum. He is now getting old and since his wife Hathwisa is gravely ill, he does not have much inclination to help adventurers. If you serve him he will however give you very useful and important information.

Gremlin's Gold: hostile
The gremlins have stolen a message from Alexi who is too scared to go back to the Castle to face trial and probably jail. So he just camps near a ruined farmhouse to the north of the cave and waits for some adventures to help him out.

Fort Remote: friendly
A sleepy little Fort on the outskirts of Avernum. Nothing ever happens here. Until …

Pit of the Drake: hostile
The Chasm Drake has already defeated at least one group of adventurers.

Tower of Sulfras: neutral
The mighty dragon Sulfras is willing to help you – at a price.

Final Gauntlet: hostile
Maybe you can find an exit to the surface.

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On the Great Lakes you will spend most of your time in boats.

Slith Fortification: hostile
You can get a mission from Slith Chief Sss-Schai in Gnass to kill the Slith Mage in this Fort.

Gremlin Cave: hostile
Here is the Empire Orb which Cleese in Bargha has asked you to destroy.

Crypt of Drath: hostile
A complicated three level dungeon but with a good reward.

Slith Fort: hostile
As well as ridding Avernum of some more of these aggressive Slithzerikai you can find an important key which you will need in the Slith Castle and pick up some good loot.

Foul Cavern: hostile
This dungeon is a rather cold and dark place, where you can pick up some loot and learn a level 3 Spell.

Slith Castle: hostile
This is where Sss-Thsss resides. Not only can you kill him and get your reward from King Micah you can also pick up some good loot.

Stagnant Caverns: hostile
Hidden away in the Waterfall Warren this cave is full of basilisks and is the last resting place of a group of Empire adventures lead by Thralni.

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One way to the Abyss and Erika's Tower crosses the Chasm guarded by Fort Spire. The cave opposite Erika's Tower can be reached by this route and if you have the Orb of Thralni you can fly across the river to Erika.

Fort Spire: friendly
Fort Spire lies in the middle of a chasm and is the last bastion between Avernum and the rogues and bandits in the Abyss.

Ruined Bandit Cave: hostile
Somehow or other Bandits seem to have infiltrated into this area. Perhaps you can put a stop to them here.

Bandit Cave: hostile
Or maybe the key to the bandit puzzle is here.

Erika's Tower: neutral
Although Erika herself is friendly – when you eventually reach her – she has put a lot of obstacles in your path, so that you need a relatively high level party to get through to her. Everything is easier if you talk to the witch in the SE corner of the cave on the Abyss side of the river and complete her quest.

Skarragath: hostile
This fort which is manned by the souls of people killed by Grah-Hoth was erected to stop anyone getting to his prison, so that nobody could be tempted to release him from his bottle. The ghosts are friendly so long as you do not try to open the gate to get through to Grah-Hoth's prison.

Prison of Grah-Hoth: hostile
The demon lord is imprisoned in a bottle in this isolated building.

Ruined Fort: hostile
This is the fort Khoth destroyed while tying to find the scroll which the Empire stole from him.

Blocked Passage: neutral
You can do nothing in this cave.

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The Abyss

In the Abyss you need to be careful. There are only two towns and no dungeons in this area.

Spire: friendly
This town is full of rogues, thieves and other dubious persons who, while not outright hostile, make it clear that they despise Avernites (or voles as they call you).

Bargha: friendly
The people here have enough problems with the giants to the east, that they have little time to be nasty to Avernites.

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Giant Lands

These Lands are hostile. The few giants who can be found wandering around are rather tough. The area can be reached by boat (or with the Orb of Thralni) from Fort Dranlon or by land through the Abyss and Bargha.

Freehold of Kyass: friendly
This place harbours people who do not fit in with the conventional ways of the majority of the inhabitants of Avernum, but are not criminals who have been banished to the Abyss.

Giant Castle (Giant Fort): hostile
Here you can find the key to open the gate to the Northern Waters, free some prisoners and pick up lots of loot.

Strange Cave: hostile
As the name says, this is a rather strange place to get around. Once you manage to find the barracks, you will encounter lots of Empire soldiers and mages. The Orb of Thralni is needed to reach the cave. You can however find a very important scroll here.

Cave of Pyrog: hostile
Although this dungeon is not hostile at first, Pyrog is a nasty piece of work and should be eliminated. I do not know if you can get the thing you need without killing her.

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Northern Waters

To reach these Lands, you need to steal a boat from the giants.

Hidden Island Tower: friendly
This Tower is well hidden and well protected.

Lair of Khoth: neutral
The mighty dragon Khoth has much wisdom and a deep founded learning in many spheres. He can help you in various ways, but will only do so if you can recover an important scroll which was stolen from him by the Empire.

Black Spire: hostile
The first obstacle on the way to Hawthorne.

Tower of Barriers: hostile
The protection put on this tower by Khoth to stop the Empire infiltrating into Avernum unfortunately also works in the other direction.

Royal Spire (Castle Hawthorne): hostile
You can only get past this point to reach Hawthorne's castle with the help of Erika.

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Bad Lands

This area, which is filled with swamps, lava fields and fumaroles, is inhabited by nasty creatures.

Tower of Grah-Hoth: hostile
After you release him from his Bottle-Prison, Grah-Hoth holes up here.

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Special Encounters

There are many places outdoors where you can buy things, talk to someboby or find something. Here is a list of the most important of these.

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Eastern Gallery

Crystal Cave: outdoors
A beautiful Cave that someone has wrecked.

Gremlin Grove: outdoors
A group of depressed Gremlins greets you here (A on the Worldmap).

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Remote Lake: outdoors
There is a deserted hut beside a Lake (B on the Worldmap).

Stone Key: outdoors
Motrax tells you about this place (C on the Worldmap).

Monastery: outdoors
Some friendly clerics will teach you a spell (F on the Worldmap).

Invading Ogre: outdoors
An Ogre has been sighted near Formallo (U on the Worldmap).

Invading Giant: outdoors
A reward awaits anyboby killing this giant which is rampaging in the neighbourhood of Formello (V on the Worldmap).

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Swamp near Athron: outdoors
This place is marked as D on the Worldmap in the hints book where it is recomended as the place to find Athron. I find it easier approach her cave from the Honeycomb.

Solberg's Password: outdoors
Kelner in the Tower of Magi tells you where to look (E on the Worldmap).

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Great Cave

Dharmon Armor: outdoors
Very good Armour at pretty average prices.

Shaynee's Bazaar: outdoors
Shaynee's Bazaar has a few general items. More importantly you can learn a L3 spell here (S on the Worldmap).

Abandoned Outpost: outdoors
This deserted Outpost is tucked away in a hidden passage beyond Fort Remote. Whatever secrets it hides, it is protected by a large contingent of spiders and areneae.

Basilisks: outdoors
A group of Basilisks is molesting travellers in this area. The inhabitants of Almaria would probably be pleased if they were to be eliminated (R on the Worldmap).

Fire Lizards: outdoors
A large group of Firelizards are devouring the remains of some humans (T on the Worldmap).

Lethal Fungus: outdoors
Great Cave farmers have reported a new clump of lethal fungus (X on the Worldmap).

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Slith Traders: outdoors
A small Slith village, whose inhabitants will trade with you.

Waterfall Warren: outdoors
The entrance to these rapids is marked as H on the Worldmap

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Old Crone: outdoors
She gives you a task (P on the Worldmap).

Alien Blade: outdoors
Here is a very useful sword.

Lost Waggon: outdoors
A waggon loaded with iron bars has been tucked away in a hidden cave (W on the Worldmap).

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The Abyss

Tiny Silver Key: outdoors
You learn about this key in Spire (N on the Worldmap).

Zavlek: outdoors
A recluse who will give you a quest and teach you a level 3 spell as reward.

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Giant Lands

Giant Guardpost: outdoors
A troop of giants is guarding the locked gate to the north (I on the Worldmap).

Boats: outdoors
Here are some boats for the taking (J on the Worldmap).

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Northern Waters

Aimee: outdoors
A friendly Witch who you must visit (G on the Worldmap).

Path to Black Spire: outdoors
A hidden path (O on the Worldmap).

Passage to Hidden Island Tower: outdoors
Another hidden path (K on the Worldmap).

Secret Pool: outdoors
Everything is hidden in this area (L on the Worldmap).

Chasm near the Surface Teleporter: outdoors
Just one more obstacle on the way to Hawthorne (M on the Worldmap but not mentioned in the Hints Book).

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Bad Lands

Black Iron Key: outdoors
A useful key. This is not the only one that will do the trick (Q on the Worldmap).

Lava Hut: outdoors
This hut has been isolated by volcanic activity in the area. It can only be reached by flying. (Y on the Worldmap)

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There are nine Pylons which allow you to move quickly from a distant town to the Tower of Magi and back again.

Town Location
Tower of Magi This is the central pylon. Once you have been instructed in their use you can travel from here to any pylon you have already touched and also from the remote pylon back to the tower. The staircase to this pylon is in the NW corner of the tower, just north of Ambrin's laboratory.
Silvar In the NE corner of the cellar, which can be entered via trapdoors in the NW and NE corners of the town.
Cotra In a small cellar entered through a small building near the NW corner of the town.
Formello The southeast corner of the town is taken up by a garden. In the SW corner of this garden is a trapdoor leading to the cellar where the pylon can be found in the SW.
Almaria Although there are two entrances to the cellars in this town, the pylon can only be reached from the small building just north of the west gate.
The Castle The entrance to the pylon cellar is in the NE corner of the town. The quickest route from the entrance hall to the staircase is through Captain Houghton's office.
Dharmon The pylon is located in the cellar and can be reached through a door outside the town just north of the east gate.
Bargha The pylon is in an attic room which can be reached by a staircase in a building to the SE of the inn.
Erika's Tower The staircase to the little attic room which houses the pylon is in the SE corner of the tower and can only be reache from outside.

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Alpahbetical List

Towns and Caves A, B, C, D, E
 Akhronath (Shattered Fort)
 Ancient Crypt
 Aranea Cave
 Aranea City
 Athron (Cave of)
 Fort Avernum
 Bahssikava (Lost)
 Bandit Cave
 Bandit Cave (ruined)
 Bandit Fort
 Tower of Barriers
 Bat Cave
 Black Spire
 Blocked Passage
 The Castle
 Cave of Athron
 Cave (Spider)
 Cave (Strange)
 Crystal Cave
 Crypt (Ancient)
 Crypt of Drath
 Fort Draco
 Drake (Pit of the)
 Drath (Crypt of)
 Fort Dranlon
 Fort Duvno
 Fort Emerald
 Erika's Tower
Towns and Caves: F, G, H I, K, L, M, N, O
 Final Gauntlet
 Foul Cavern
 Freehold of Kyass
 Gauntlet (Final)
 Giant Castle
 Goblin Caves
 Gremlin Cave
 Gremlin Grove
 Gremlin's Gold
 Grah-Hoth (Prison)
 Grah-Hoth (Tower)
 Castle Hawthorne (Royal Spire)
 Hidden Tower (Solberg's Tower)
 Island Fort
 Island Tower (hidden)
 Khoth (Lair of)
 Freehold of Kyass
 Lair of Khoth
 Lair of Motrax
 Lost Bahssikava
 Magi (Tower of)
 Motrax (Lair of)
 Nephilim Fortress
 Underground Nephilim Fort
 Ogre Cave
Towns and Caves P, R, S, U, W
 Passage (Blocked)
 Patrick's Tower
 Pit of the Drake
 Cave of Pyrog
 Fort Remote
 Ruined Fort
 Royal Spire (Hawthorne)
 Fort Saffron
 Shattered Fort (Akhronath)
 Shaynee's Bazaar
 Slith Castle
 Slith Fort
 Slith Fortification
 Slith Temple
 Solberg's Tower
 Spider Cave
 Spiral Pit
 Black Spire
 Fort Spire
 Royal Spire (Hawthorne)
 Stagnant Caverns
 Strange Cave
 Swamp City
 Underground Nephilim Fort
 Waterfall Warren
Forts, Towers and Dragons
 Fort Avernum
 Fort Draco
 Fort Dranlon
 Fort Duvno
 Fort Emerald
 Fort Saffron
 Fort Spire
 Fort Remote
 Tower of Barriers
 Erika's Tower
 Tower of Grah-Hoth
 Tower of Magi
 Patrick's Tower
 Solberg's Tower (Hidden Tower)
 Tower of Sulfras
 Cave of Athron
 Lair of Khoth
 Lair of Motrax
 Cave of Pyrog
 Tower of Sulfras

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Numerical List

There are 68 numbered locations and 25 marked with a letter in the Avernum Book of Answers by Spiderweb.

1  Fort Avernum 11  Lair of Motrax 21  Almaria
2  Silvar 12  Ancient Crypt 22  Slith Temple
3  Fort Duvno 13  Mertis 23  The Castle
4  Bandit Fort 14  Spiral Pit 24  Fort Emerald
5  Goblin Caves 15  Fort Draco 25  Gnass
6  Bat Cave 16  Solberg's Tower (Hidden Tower) 26  Blosk
7  Formello 17  Cave of Athron 27  Dharmon
8  Nephilim Fortress 18  Tower of Magi 28  Fort Saffron
9  Cotra 19  Ogre Cave 29  Patrick's Tower
10  Underground Nephilim Fort 20  Shattered Fort (Akhronath) 30  Gremlin's Gold
31  Fort Remote 41  Slith Fortification 51  Strange Cave
32  Spider Cave 42  Gremlin Cave 52  Cave of Pyrog
33  Fort Dranlon 43  Ruined Bandit Cave 53  Lost Bahssikava
34  Island Fort 44  Bandit Cave 54  Hidden Island Tower
35  Swamp City 45  Fort Spire 55  Royal Spire (Castle Hawthorne)
36  Aranea Cave 46  Crypt of Drath 56  Tower of Barriers
37  Aranea City 47  Spire 57  Black Spire
38  Slith Castle 48  Stagnant Caverns 58  Lair of Khoth
39  Slith Fort 49  Bargha 59  Erika's Tower
40  Foul Cavern 50  Giant Castle (Giant Fort) 60  Skarragath
61  Prison of Grah-Hoth D  Swamp near Athron O  Path to Black Spire
62  Ruined Fort E  Solberg's Password P  Old Crone
63  Blocked Passage F  Monastery Q  Black Iron Key
64  Tower of Grah-Hoth G  Aimee R  Basilisks
65  Pit of the Drake H  Waterfall Warren S  Shaynee's Bazaar
66  Tower of Sulfras I  Giant Guardpost T  Fire Lizards
67  Final Gauntlet J  Boats U  Invading Ogre
68  Freehold of Kyass K  Passage to Hidden Island Tower V  Invading Giant
A  Gremlin Grove L  Secret Pool W  Lost Waggon
B  Remote Lake M  Chasm near the Surface Teleporter X  Lethal Fungus
C  Stone Key N  Tiny Silver Key Y  Lava Hut