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This is a complex dungeon on three levels with lots of undead. In the lower levels it is often very dark. Either you cannot make light, or the light fades quickly.

At the entrance is a locked door which needs Unlock Doors L3, but that does not matter because the wall next to it has fallen down.

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Just inside are some rather easy cave rats. To the east you come on the first surprise: two eye beasts in front of a sarcophagus with an amber. Just north of this chamber is another crypt this time guarded by two mung rats. Inside this sarcophagus is a parchment that tells you this cave was built for someone named Drath and that the writers of the parchment found a marble key which they were taking with them to meet up with some people near the Cave of Motrax. This key is probably the Stone Key you (hopfully) found on the battlefield there. Further north is a locked crypt with a vampire and five mung rats. The Sarcophagus has a nice lot of jewlery.

To the west of the entrance is a locked crypt guarded by a spirit. There is nothing worthwhile in the sarcophagus. North of this one is another spirit and a few coins.

Directly north of the entrance is a bridge over which you cannot pass. Searching the north wall of the corridor to the east you can however find a secret passage which bypasses the bridge and leads to a door which can be opened with the stone (marble) key. Six or seven undead are behind this door. After you have disposed of them you come to another locked door to a moturary which is guarded by a few undead. There are a few useful items such as an energy potion and spirtual herbs on the corpses or just lying around..

Round the corner is a locked door to an eerie temple with a few imps and other undead. In the SE corner is a hidden door to a dark cave with two living statues and an imp. When you have killed them you can go down to the next level.

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Down the stairs is a locked portcullis which can be opened by a wheel in a passage to the north. On this level light spells do not last very long and torches keep going out. There are lots of undead which keep appearing to surprise you.

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The first room you come to in the north is the Hall of Tombs. There a two rows of tombs in the centre and three tombs along the east wall, arranged as follows:-


Each of these tombs has a (usually locked) door, a sarcophagus and in most cases a guard. The following list gives: state of the door (alternative way in); guard; treasure in the sarcophagus [further notes]:-

  1. not locked; no guard; coins
  2. locked; no guard; Steel Dagger, Beautiful Fur
  3. locked; Wight; Energy Potion, Silver Cup
  4. locked; no guard; Strength Potion
  5. locked; no guard; nothing
  6. locked; Wight; coins and cloak
  7. no door (hidden door in east); no guard; nothing
  8. broken wall; no guard; Healing Potion
  9. locked (hidden door to the south); Vampire; nothing [hidden door in the north leading to a trapped chest with a Gymnastics Mind Crystal]

At the end of the central side passage to the west is a hidden door leading to a further crypt guarded by some imps and other undead. They drop some coins and an amber. The sarcophagus is empty. In the SE of the Hall of Tombs is a staircase that can be used to get back up to the ground floor if you want to leave the dungeon to rest. On the way out you pass through a one way hidden door so you cannot use this way back but can come to the 2nd level only after going through the whole of the first level.

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In the NW corner of the Hall of Tombs is a ledge which I have never managed to get onto. South of the ledge is a passage leading to a corridor with some statues, one of them living. Once past the statutes you come into the Smoky Laboratory. There is a tome in the NE corner which does nothing except injure you and call up a demon if you read it. To the north are two magical barriers. Behind each of them is a chamber with a demon. In the eastern wall of the eastern chamber is a hidden door leading to a wheel which you should turn. It gets stuck halfway through.

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To the south of the Hall of Tombs is a gate which leads to a landing stage with two boats. Rowing across the lake to the SW brings you to a bank with a hidden passage guarded by four wights. Behind the barrier is a wheel which you should turn. This one also gets stuck, but do not worry. The two work together to open the gate to level 3.

Back on the lake is a further place a little to the east (i.e. west of centre) were you can land. Behind a locked door are two traps and a trapped chest containing some coins an an energy elixir. In the SE corner of the lake is a bank with nothing on it.

On the south bank of the lake in the middle are so many undead, that it is often difficult to land. After killing the undead you can go through the gate down to level 3 if you have tried to turn both wheels (NW and SW).

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Here all lights fail. You find a path which leads to a small chamber with a hidden door in the east wall. The path winds SE to a chamber with six (normal) statues and four imps. A light spell works here for a few moves. To the east is a passage with three barriers which just leads to a dead end. To the north of the statues is a secret door to a teleporter, which I have named GO. This one takes you to the NE Portal Chamber.

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On this level there are lots of portals that take you around. There are four Portal Chambers which all look alike, so it is often difficult to know exactly where you are. It is essential to switch the map on and keep looking there to see exactly where you are. The destinations of the teleporters in the four chambers:

  NW Portal Chamber NE Portal Chamber SW Portal Chamber SE Portal Chamber
West: back to here (NW) back to here (NE) to NE to NE
North: back to here (NW) to SE to SE back to GO
East: back to here (NW) to SE to NW to SW

Undead tend to appear randomly in the various chambers. When you finally reach the NW Portal Chamber you find you can get no further with teleporters. This is the end of your teleporting between the Portal Chambers. There is a secret exit in the south which takes you to at last to the Chambers of Drath .

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Before reaching his chamber you receive a warning. Just before breaking through the wall into his chamber, it is a good idea to cast Beast Ceremony. Drath is tough and is protected by Spirits and magical barriers. After you have killed him you can pick up some useful jewlery. Now to get out!

But first pick up some treasure. To the north is a secret door to a chamber with a chest containing coins, a Blesed Robe, an Invunerabilty Potion and a Cursed Leather Helmet. There is a Barrier to the west which you do not need to destroy, as there are two other entrances to the room NW of Drath's Chambers (from the antechamber and in the NW corner). Here are two tomes; the left one teaches Safe Travel L3; the righthand one gives 2 Magery to all spell casters but takes one from Intelligence. It is not really worth it, because you can buy magery to level 5 from Khoth and Intelligence must be trained.

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In the South wall of Drath's Chamber is a secret paasage which leads to a Crypt. There is a single Wight there. In the sarcophagus is the tip of the Demonslayer. Assuming you have already picked up the Pommel in the Underground Nephilim Fort and the Blade in the Slith Temple, you now have all parts and can ask Boutell in Fort Draco to repair it.

But first you need to get out of this dungeon. There is a teleporter to the south which takes you to GO. After winding your way back up to the 2nd level you can get into your boat and row back to the landing stage on the north bank of the lake, only to find the gate locked. You can however sail to the east and use the staircase there to get up to the ground floor.


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