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Slith Temple Slith Temple
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This is a two level dungeon. The ground floor is relatively straight forward: there are lots of Sliths and naturally in a temple, priests. In this case there is nothing in particular in the middle. You can barge straight in or circle to the left or to the right. Upstairs is a bit different. Here you come up in the SW corner have to circle clockwise round to approach the central area from the south. There are a few hidden doors on this level.

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There is a nice lot of loot, too much in fact to cart off on one go.

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Hidden in the NE corner is a Temple with three priests and a warrior. Here are two chests. In the right hand one is trapped and contains some coins and a Crystal Charm. The left one contains an Iron Key which you need upstairs.

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Upstairs you have to circle the level to get to the main part of the temple. The way is quit simple. Only in the SE corner do you have to find a hidden door. Then onwards to the open area in the middle of the level. The holy (or unholy) shrine is in the centre of this area.

The entrance is to the north. Beast Ceremony or at least Hasting helps before entering combat mode and going through the door for which you need the Iron Key you found downstairs. There are some priests and asps. Only the high priest is a bit tough. Do not leave combat mode but approach the altar and take the part of the Demonslayer. As soon as you do this troops appear outside. They are four warriors and a priest – not too difficult.

Now you have eliminated the resistance and can pick up everything worth taking. There is nothing of especial value in the temple, just some Fine Slith Spears, various rings and coins.

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West of the shrine is a conceled treasure room with two Slith guards and four trapped chests containing:

  1. Ash Crossbow and Iron Bolts
  2. Iron Chain Mail
  3. Cloak Clasp and a Robe
  4. 61 coins

In the middle of the south wall of the corridor to the west of the staircase leading up from the ground floor is a hidden passage leading to a tome which teaches Return Life L3.


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