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List of all towns and shops in Avernum

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If you come on foot from the Tower of Magi you have to cross the bridge and pass through Almaria on your way to the Great Cave. You can get most things an adventurer needs in this little town (supplies, training and some quests).

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Person Function Items, Quests and Notes Rating
Rhiannon Innkeeper Her prices for rations and a bed are exorbitant but she sells good quality wine at very reasonable prices. exorbitant
Room: 15
Ramone Guest Tells you to talk to someone called Chuck to learn about the island.  
Ramirez Shopkeeper
Sells good quality weapons but offers a poor price for loot expensive
Rosemary Shopkeeper
Sells good armour and buys loot. expensive
Bevan Mayor Asks you to kill some basilisks to the south, Reward: 250 coins 25xp and 1 reputation. Quest
Dexter Shopkeeper
Not only is he a fletcher who sells low end archery requirments (ash bow, iron arrows and bolts) and a few miscellaneous items (lockpicks) but he also deals with shady characters and will offer you a poor price for your loot. Quest slightly
Julio Apothecary Sells a reasonable range of potions and will also identify items for 5 coins. Offers a fair price for loot slightly
Jasmine Shopkeeper
Talks a bit about lizards. slightly
Kell Child Will tell you about the talking statues.  
  Talking Statue
(Erika has Password)
Teaches Unlock Doors (L3).  


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It is always a good idea to talk to everybody. The following notes give hints on hidden rooms, traps and puzzles.

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The soldiers guarding the bridge to the east demand a toll of 5 coins which they waive if you have a high reputation. In the other games (Exile and Avernum 2) you can avoid crossing the bridge by using a boat. In this game (Avernum 1) the river is blocked with rocks to the north of Almaria so that it is only possible to land on the western the bank. You cannot get to the eastern river bank by boat. It does not actually matter very much because by the time you reach Almaria your reputation is probably high enough: with 20 you can cross without paying.

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There is an inn run by Rhiannon. Rooms here are exhorbitant (15 coins).

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He is a complex and rather shady character. If you have talked to the farmers in the Farmhouse SE of Almaria and do as the wiry woman advised – ask him about tools – he will tell you to mention that you are adventurers. If you do this he lets you see his range of miscellaneous items, which is not very spectacular although a recall crystal is sometimes useful. He will offer you two different prices for loot: a very good price if you say you are adventurers and a rather poor price if you ask to buy normal supplies. With increasing bartering skill however the different prices become the same topping out at about 60%.

He also gives you quests. The first one is to steal a ring which is in Blosk (Reward: 200 coins and 20 xp). Next he will ask you to take a box to Meena in Spire (Reward: Ring of Health and 30xp ). After this he will ask you to eliminate Mentta in Dharmon. If you do this he will reward you with nimble gloves and 30 xp but you loose three reputation.

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Outside on the north wall is a crate with a Steel Large Shield in it.


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