Number theory days in Regensburg -- April 27-30, 2020

We regret to inform you that we are cancelling the conference "Number theory days in Regensburg" taking place from 27th-30th April 2020, in light of the growing concerns around COVID-19. The University of Regensburg has suspended all events with more than 20 people or external participants.

The general topic of this conference is number theory with a focus on special values of L-functions.

The meeting is organized by Yukako Kezuka and Johannes Sprang and it is funded by the SFB 1085 grant "Higher Invariants" of the DFG.

The conference will take place in the week April 27-30, 2020 at the Faculty of Mathematics of the Universität Regensburg.

Invited speakers

Fabrizio Andreatta (Università di Milano)
Massimo Bertolini (Universität Duisburg-Essen)
Werner Bley (LMU München)
Ashay Burungale (California Institute of Technology)
Antonio Cauchi (Université Laval)
Annette Huber (Universität Freiburg)
Henri Johnston (University of Exeter)
(*) Shinichi Kobayashi (Kyushu University)
Jaclyn Lang (Université Paris 13)
Matteo Longo (Università di Padova)
Andreas Nickel (Universität Duisburg-Essen)
Bharathwaj Palvannan (NCTS Taiwan)
Giovanni Rosso (Concordia University)
Jeanine Van Order (Universität Bielefeld)
Rodolfo Venerucci (Università di Milano)
Otmar Venjakob (Universität Heidelberg)
Masha Vlasenko (Polish Academy of Sciences Warsaw)
Shanwen Wang (Renmin University Beijing)
Chris Williams (University of Warwick)
(*) to be confirmed