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Oberseminar: Iwasawa theory of totally real fields

Time and place: Thusday 8-10, M101

The aim of this seminar is to understand Wiles' proof of the main conjecture of Iwasawa Theory, at least over the rational numbers. The seminar will follow the program of a workshop held at the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati 2008, very closely. See here for a detailed Program.


Talk Guwahati lecture
1 Motivation and Overview
2 Basic facts: Modular forms (optional) [1]
3 Ribet's converse to Herbrand's theorem I [3]
4 Ribet's converse to Herbrand's theorem II [4]
5 p-adic L-functions
6 Fitting ideals and Iwasawa modules [5] note: Numeration differs from the book
7 Statement of the main conjecture [7]
8 Lambda-adic modular forms [2]
9 Hida theory [2]
10 The Lambda-adic Eisenstein ideal [2]
11,12 Proof of the main conjecture I (1-2 Sessions) [7]
13 Proof of the main conjecture II [7]
  1. Universität Regensburg

Fakultät für Mathematik

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