Prof. Dr. Andreas Schäfer

Work Group: High energy theory and QCD



    Prof. Dr. Andreas Schäfer
    Lehrstuhl Schäfer
    Fakultät Physik 
    Universität Regensburg
    93040 Regensburg 

    +49 941 943-2007
    +49 941 943-2008 (secretary Mrs. Maschek)
    +49 941 57293 (home) 

    +49 941 943-3887 



Research topics:

  • Lattice Gauge Theory for QCD:

      Calculation of hadronic properties like moments of structure functions, moments of Generalized Parton Distributions, moments of Distribution Amplitudes, transverse momentum dependent distribution functions, hadron resonance properties, low energy effective theories parameters ...

  • perturbative QCD:

      cross sections for spin dependent processes in higher order, fits of Generalized Parton Distributions, threshold resummation; analysis of experimental data of HERMES, COMPASS, STAR and PHENIX; preparatory work for ENC@FAIR and EIC@BNL/JLAB

  • High Energy Heavy Ion Physics:

      entropy production and thermalization in high-energy heavy-ion collisions; the QCD phase diagram for a constant magnetic background field; AdS/CFT