International young seminar on bounded cohomology and simplicial volume


This seminar aims at connecting young people working in the areas of simplicial volume, bounded cohomology and related subjects. It is also meant as an occasion for PhD students and young postdocs to give a talk on their research project or interests. Other people interested in the area are also welcome to attend.


Monday 16:00-17:30 (Central European Time).


16:00-16:15 Coffee break

16:15-17:00 Talk

17:00-17:30 Questions and discussion in small groups


The seminars are hosted in the new! Marco's UR-zoom meeting room: 948 8511 3507.

The password is the simplicial volume of a closed genus 2 surface (in letters) followed by the current year (in numbers) without spacing.

Forthcoming seminars:

27/04/2020 - Francesco Fournier Facio (ETH Zurich) - Combinatorics of infinite sums of Brooks quasimorphisms (abstract) (video)

04/05/2020 - Shi Wang (MPIM Bonn) - Barycentric straightening and Gromov norm (abstract) (video)

11/05/2020 - Nicolaus Heuer (University of Cambridge) - The spectrum of Simplicial Volume (abstract) (video)

18/05/2020 - James Farre (Yale University) - Addition of geometric volume classes (abstract) (video)

25/05/2020 - Steffen Kionke (University of Hagen) - p-adic simplicial volumes (abstract) (video)

01/06/2020 - Public holiday

08/06/2020 - Alessandro Sisto (ETH Zurich) - Central extensions and bounded cohomology (abstract) (video)

15/06/2020 - Filippo Sarti (University of Bologna) - Numerical invariants and bounded cohomology (abstract) (video)

22/06/2020 - Gabriele Viaggi (Heidelberg University) - Volumes and random walks on mapping class groups (abstract) (slides) (video)

29/06/2020 - Roberto Frigerio (University of Pisa) - Bounded cohomology, cohomology with bounded values and d-bounded cohomology (abstract) (slides) (video)

06/07/2020 - Jonathan Bowden (University of Regensburg) - Quasi-morphisms on surface diffeomorphism groups (abstract)

13/07/2020 - Clara Löh (University of Regensburg) - Stable integral simplicial volume (abstract) (last seminar of this semester!)


Caterina Campagnolo (ENS Lyon) and Marco Moraschini (UR).

Updated 30 Jun 2020
by Marco Moraschini.

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