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Slith Castle Slith Castle
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The easiest way into the castle is to approach from the west, follow the wall south and find a secret passage in the south wall leading to a locked door which the onyx key will open. (There are two Onyx keys, one in the Swamp City and the other in the Slith Fort.)

The alternative is to enter to the south where there is a landing stage guarded by some sliths and a priest. Directly west of here is an altar tended by a high priest who is a bit tough.

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If you enter by the secret passage you will find a few sliths and serpents. There are a lot of chests in the first room and the one to the west, containing, some coins, an energy potion, a silver bar, an emerald, a ruby and other items.

You can then go east and through the door in the south wall (which again needs the onyx key) and continue to the upper level.

Alternatively you can continue east and come to the altar and high priest you would have met had you come in from the south. Actually it does not make a lot of difference. The sliths drop lots of coins and a few useful items icluding a Fine Slith Spear. If you go further north you come to the entry cavern by the main gate which is guarded by a large troop of sliths and four priests, who can be a bit of a pest. Depending on your level they should not be impossible. They drop a nice lot of coins and normal slith items. On each side of the main gate is a trophy room each with five chests containing nothing spectacular.

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Upstairs you can go west and fight your way through to Sss-Thsss or first clear out the area to the east. If you go east you will come across a slith chief who drops a Fine Slith Spear. In the SE corner are five chests with nothing spectacular. Round the corner directly north of the staircase is a temple with entrances from the east and the west. In the temple are a high priest, two priests and sliths and serpents (Beast Ceremony before entering). After killing the enemies you can pick up some reasonable items. To the east of the altar is a secret passage to a Memorial Hall which does not seem to contain anything.

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To the west and then north you come to some libraries on the way meeting lots of sliths including many priests. To the east of the libraries is an antechamber to the Throne room. The gate is open an all suspiciously quiet! If you approach the throne, Sss-Thss and his guards (a mage and some warriors) appear and the gate closes as soon as you reach the middle of the room.

After killing him you need to escape but first pick up the dropped loot including an invunerability potion and an Armour Ring. To the east is a locked door which need unlock doors level 3. Do not dispair: there is a secret passage north of the throne. Following this passage you come to a bridge, which collapses in the middle, if you cross it, and dumps you in a cave on the ground floor, where you have to pass two basilisks to escape. Before crossing the bridge it is better to search the south wall for a secret door which leads to the room behind the locked door. Turning the wheel in this room allows you to cross the bridge to the treasure chamber with four trapped chests (1: coins 2: coins 3: Iron Platemail, Warriors Ring 4: a suit of Mauling Leather).

Again behind the throne, slightly west of the first one is another secret passage leading to Sss-Thsss' private chamber. He has two bottles of good quality wine and a scroll in the bookcase which teaches Control Foes L3. To the west of the throne room is a room with a wheel in the NW corner which opens the portcullis to the throne room and a secret chamber to the NE with a chest containing a mind crystal: Blademaster.


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