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Skarragath Skarragath (ruined)
Skarragath Skarragath (ruined)
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Although this place is marked as hostile, the many undead guarding it are friendly until you open the gates.

If you pray to the throne an image of a younger King Micah appears and tells you that you should perform the ritual to deactivate the guards. Since noboby has told you about a ritual, you will have to do without it.

The only creature that will talk to you is the lich in the south who was a wizard in life and tells you that you should go straight back.

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There are two wheels which can be turned to open the gates. One is in a hidden chamber behind the throne and the other due south hidden behind the south wall. Watch out in the southern room: the floor is trapped and zaps you. As soon as the gates have opened, the undead turn hostile. So you will have to kill them all.

There is no treasure here so on to Grah-Hoth's prison. Once you have left Skarragath the gates close. So you will not be able to get back without freeing him.

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After Grah-Hoth has been freed he storms through Skarragath utterly destroying it. But he leaves some Demons, Imps and a Haakai behind. After fighting them you can go south and talk to the Imp Nizzrek, which has a message from Grah-Hoth inviting you to fight with him at his castle in the far NW.


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