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Barrier Tower
Tower of Barriers
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This is the second tower on the way to Hawthorne.

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Before you enter the Tower have a look at the passage to the north. There are two Ur-Basilisks near a statue. Behind them is a secret passage which leads straight to the magical barrier which you will destroy with the chant Khoth taught you. This way you can get through with hardly a fight!

If however you come in through the front door you will be greeted by six imps and four demons.

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If you come in the front way and kill the demons, you can enter the garden where there are two talking statues. Helen tells you that Ellen likes stonework. She in turn tells you that Khoth built this tower and that Helen saw him make the foutain. She in turn tells you that it is a good idea to drink thrice from it.

You can only enter the enclosed space around the pool from the east after you have passed the barriers. If you drink here you lose two points dexterity. The second time the same thing happen. After drinking the third time all damage is healed, all spell points are restored and you gain 5 dexterity. Now on to the next challenge!


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