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Cave of Athron
Cave of Athron
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Although Athron is friendly – when you eventually reach her – there are lots of obstacles and monsters trying to prevent your getting that far.

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Athron Dragon The only friendly person to talk to here is the mighty dragon Athron. When you finally reach her she will tell you part of the password to the surface and if you ask her nicely, teach you Slow L3. She will also tell you about an ancient race which has been sleeping for centuries, but will soon wake up (Vahnatai).  


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There is no one here other than Athron to talk to, so the following notes give hints on hidden rooms, traps and puzzles on the way to her.

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Athron does not seem to welcome visitors. The direct way in is blocked but there are passages to the east and to the west. In the west are lots of twisty passages with drakes round every corner. There is not much treasure here except for a hidden cave in the NE corner of the complex with a chest containing 20 coins and some Acid Bolts.

To the east it is much the same story – lots of twisty passages and drakes. In the NE corner of this complex is a hidden door leading up to the next level and more drakes. But you at last come back to the main tunnel which makes a turn to the east into a cavern with five living statues. After dispatching them you can go through a hidden door in the NE corner and talk to Athron.

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Like all dragons Athron has amassed a fair amount of treasure. She is however very touchy about your going west to her treasure trove. If you want to get her treasure, you will have to kill her. Shame on you! In any case, by the time you need to talk to Athron, you probably have more money than you can deal with – cash tops out at 9,000 in this game. With Motrax it was a different matter: you should have met met him early in the game when your fluidity was not so good and anyway the trick you (could have) used did not harm the venerable old codger.


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