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Aranea City
Aranea City
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There are naturally a lot of Araneae in this dungeon. They are rather tricky because they can do magic. The main reason for comming here is to release the spider prisoner.

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As well as Araneae there are also a lot of imps and in the north central area rabbid bats.

In the northwest there is a sort of library, which does not contain anything interesting other than lots of araneae. In the NE there is a rubbish pit guarded by two imps but no treasure.

The main treasure is aranea fangs, scrolls and wands.

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There are runes at various points, most are dangerous:

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The spider prisoner you need to free is in the eastern cell in the NE.

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Near the middle of the western wall is a secret passage to a "larder" with dead bodies which have a few useful items. To the south of this room is another hidden passage which leads to a curious body (actually a Vahnatai, but we do not know anything about them yet). Here is a Mind Crystal: Shielder (Defensive glow).

In the central area are two hidden rooms behind web-walls (one almost in the middle, the other in the elevated area slightly to the east). Both yield a few coins.


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