Homepage of Patrik Knopf

Dr. Patrik Knopf  

Research Assistant
(Akademischer Rat a.Z.)

Faculty for Mathematics
University of Regensburg
Universitätsstraße 31
93040 Regensburg

Email: patrik.knopf@ur.de

Office: M114

Phone: +49 (0)941 943 2953

This is the homepage of Patrik Knopf.

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Recent preprints:

Papers in peer-reviewed journals:

  1. Convergence of a Robin boundary approximation for a Cahn--Hilliard system with dynamic boundary conditions
    with Kei Fong Lam
    Nonlinearity 33(8), 4191--4235, 2020
    Preprint: arXiv:1908.06124

  2. Stratified periodic water waves with singular density gradients
    with Joachim Escher, Christina Lienstromberg, and Bogdan-Vasile Matioc
    Annali di Matematica Pura ed Applicata (Open Access)
    Preprint: arXiv:1911.13046

  3. Weak solutions of the Cahn-Hilliard system with dynamic boundary conditions: A gradient flow approach
    with Harald Garcke
    SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis 52(1), 340--369, 2020
    Preprint: arXiv:1810.09817

  4. Optimal control theory and advanced optimality conditions for a diffuse interface model of tumor growth
    with Matthias Ebenbeck
    ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations
    Preprint: arXiv:1903.00333

  5. Optimal medication for tumors modeled by a Cahn-Hilliard-Brinkman equation
    with Matthias Ebenbeck
    Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations 58(4):131, 2019
    Preprint: arXiv:1811.07783

  6. Confined steady states of a Vlasov-Poisson plasma in an infinitely long cylinder
    Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences 42(18), 6369--6384, 2019
    Preprint: arXiv:1805.04009

  7. Optimal control of a Vlasov-Poisson plasma by fixed magnetic field coils
    with Jörg Weber
    Applied Mathematics & Optimization 81(3), 961--988, 2020
    Preprint: arXiv:1710.09619

  8. Optimal control of a Vlasov-Poisson plasma by an external magnetic field
    Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations 57(5):134, 2018
    Preprint: arXiv:1808.00547