Professor Dr. Manfred Knebusch


Universitaet Regensburg 
D-93040 Regensburg 
Germany Office phone: +49-941-943 2790 
Fax: +49-941-943 1736 


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Secretary: Rosina Bonn , Tel: +49-941-943 2766

Research Interests

Real algebraic and analytic geometry, related parts of analysis and of model theory

Algebraic theory of quadratic forms

Supertropical algebra

Publications in MathSciNet

1) The following publications have appeared in Queen's Lectures, Vol. 46, a long time ago.
    They are now available as pdf-files.

Real closures of algebraic varieties

Symmetric bilinear forms over algebraic varieties

Grothendieck- und Wittringe von nichtausgearteten symmetrischen Bilinearformen

2) Manis valuations and Prüfer extensions I (with Digen Zhang)
Now available as Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1791

Spezialisierung von quadratischen und symmetrischen bilinearen Formen

Specialization of quadratic and symmetric bilinear forms (Translation by Thomas Unger)

Member of:

RAAG-Network Real Algebraic & Analytic Geometry

MODNET Research Training Network in Model Theory

RTN-Network K-Theory and Algebraic Groups