Talks, Workshops & Conferences


  • With Veronika Wanner, Helene Sigloch and Martino Stoffel, I am organizing “NATROP 2019”, a conference for young researches in non-archimedean and tropical geometry. This will be the third installment of this conference after 2015 and 2017. Poster here.


  • Real tropicalization of semialgebraic set, at the Workshop on Applied Algebra at TU Braunschweig, June 2019.
  • Tropical Hodge conjecture for divisors, at TGiF at University of Frankfurt, June 2019.
  • Tropical Dolbeault cohomology of non-archimedean curves and harmonic tropicalizations, at the Oberwolfach Workshop “Non-archimedean geometry and applications”, in Oberwolfach, Germany, March 2019
  • Lefschetz (1,1)-theorem in tropical geometry, at the Algebra Seminar at University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, Febrary 2019
  • Real tropicalization and analytification of semialgebraic sets, at the Oberseminar Arakelovtheorie at the University of Regensburg, December 2018
  • Signed tropicalizations of semialgebraic sets, at Emory University, Atlanta, September 2018
  • Signed tropicalizations, at the Algebraic Geometry Seminar at Oslo University, August 2018
  • Smooth Mumford curves admit smooth tropicalizations, at Tropical varieties and amoebas in higher dimensions at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm, Sweden, April 2018
  • Lefschetz (1,1)-theorem in tropical geometry, at Moduli spaces of curves and mirror symmetry at the Institute Mittag-Leffler, in Stockholm, Sweden, March 2018
  • Lefschetz (1,1)-theorem in tropical geometry, at Tropical Geometry meets Representation Theory, at University of Cologne, March 2018
  • Non-archimedean Arakelov theory and differential forms on Berkovich spaces, at Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY, December 2017
  • Berkovich spaces, at the LKS, Regensburg, June 2017
  • Differential forms on Berkovich spaces and their relation to tropical geometry, at TU Berlin, April 2017
  • Real-valued de Rham cohomology of Berkovich spaces, at Arakelov Geometry – Archimedean and Non-Archimedean Aspects, at University of Regensburg, September 2016
  • Real-valued differential forms on Berkovich analytic spaces and their cohomology, at GCMNT at Al. I. Cuza University, Iasi, Romania, June 2016
  • Real-valued differential forms on polyhedral complexes and applications to tropical and non-Archimedean geometry, at STAGS 2015 at Brown University in Providence,  April 2015
  • A Poincaré Lemma for real valued differential forms on Berkovich spaces, at the Oberseminar Arakelov-Theorie in Regensburg, October 2014.

Workshops & Conferences