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*picture* Christian Dahlhausen
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phone: +49 941 943 2779
office: M230
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About me

I am a soon finishing PhD student at the Faculty of Mathematics at University of Regensburg. My PhD thesis is on continuous K-theory and its relation to the cohomology of rigid spaces. My advisors are Moritz Kerz and Georg Tamme. I was a member of the DFG GRK 1692 “Curvature, Cycles, and Cohomology” and I was partially supported by the DFG SFB 1085 “Higher Invariants”.

My research areas are K-theory and Nonarchimdedean Geometry. Also I am interested in Derived Algebraic Geometry, Motives, and Higher Category Theory.

I wrote my master's thesis “Milnor K-theory of integers of p-adic local fields” and my bachelor's thesis “Serres Problem und der Satz von Quillen-Suslin” (Serre's problem and the Quillen-Suslin theorem) both with Moritz Kerz.

Publications and Preprints

Milnor K-theory of complete discrete valuation rings with finite residue fields, J. Pure Appl. Algebra 222 (2018), no. 6, 1355–1371. (Link to Journal). (arXiv:1509.01087 [math.KT])

Talks, Posters etc.

07/2018: Poster for the conference Berkovich spaces 30 years in Paris (pdf).
06/2018: Poster for the Homotopy Theory Summer in Berlin (pdf).
02/2018: Talk on Continuous K-theory and cohomology of analytic spaces at the conference K-theory, A1-homotopy and quadratic forms in Warwick.
05/2017-06/2017: Participant at the Hausdorff Trimester Program on K-theory and Related Fields in Bonn.
05/2017: Talk on Improved Milnor K-theory of valuation rings of local fields in Bonn (video).

Teaching (at University of Regensburg)

SS 2019: Assistance and exercise class for the lecture Perfectoid Spaces by Georg Tamme.
SS 2019: Higher Invariants Oberseminar on Resolution of Singularities in characteristic zero (together with Federico Binda and Johann Haas).
WS 2018-19: Seminar on Homotopical Methods (together with Denis-Charles Cisinski).
SS 2018: Seminar on Derived Categories and Sheaf Cohomology (together with Denis-Charles Cisinski).
WS 2014/15: Exercise class for the lecture Algebra by Patrick Forré.
SS 2014: Exercise class for the lecture Commutative Algebra by Uwe Jannsen.
WS 2013/14: Exercise class for the lecture Algebra by Guido Kings.
WS 2012/13: Exercise class for the lecture Linear Algebra I by Guido Kings.
SS 2012: Exercise corrector for the lecture “Einführung in die moderne Logik” (Introduction to modern logic) by Tim Kraft.
WS 2011/12: Exercise class for the lecture Linear Algebra II by Uwe Jannsen.
SS 2011: Exercise class for the lecture Linear Algebra I by Uwe Jannsen.


04/2015 - now: PhD student at University of Regensburg.
03/2015: Master of Science in Mathematics at University of Regensburg.
03/2013: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at University of Regensburg.
06/2009: Final secondary exam at Staatliches Landschulheim Marquartstein.

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