“European Perspectives of German-Russian Scientific Cooperation”, Moscow, Russia, 25.02.2009 — participant

9th Annual Conference of the International Association of Physics Students IAPS, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1994 — Co-organizer.

Master of Science in Physics (with distinction), Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia, 01.1995.

Research fellowship (Ministry of Education and Science of Russia), Saint-Petersburg State University,
(Prof. G.S. Denisov), 01-12.1996.

Research fellowship (Józef Mianowski Fund), University of Warsaw (Prof. Z. Kecki) and Medical Academy Warsaw (Prof. I. Wawer), 03-06.1996.

Research fellowship (DAAD A/97/53365 ), Freie Universität Berlin (Prof. Dr. H.-H. Limbach),

PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia, 01.1999.

Collaborative Research Center 448 “Mesoscopically Organized Composites”, Berlin,
since 2005 project leader.

Graduate Student Research School on “Hydrogen Bonding and Proton Transfer”, St. Petersburg, Russia,
1-02.09.2007 — Co-organizer

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Dr. Sc.

Ilya G. Shenderovich

Graduate Student Research School “Hydrogen Bonds between the Disciplines”, Göttingen, Germany,
11-22.09.2011 — Co-organizer