We want to discuss a range of topics related to the conformal symmetry of the field theories that are currently attracting attention and are (or may be) useful for phenomenology. A question is how conformal symmetrty can be proven and, more importantly, what it is good for: what kind of predictions can be made using exact or approximate conformal symmetry and what specific techniques exist or need to be developed to this purpose.

Main directions of such a discussion may be

  • General aspects of conformal field theories
  • Conformal bootstrap
  • Conformal symmetry on a lattice
  • Relations to Integrability (Dual conformal symmetry etc.)
  • Uses of conformal symmetry in QCD (QCD in fractional dimensions etc)

Participation is by invitation only as we want to keep the scale of the workshop small (about 20-30 people) to make it effective. There will be no proceedings and we will ask for a small conference fee of about 50 Euro to cover the costs of the coffee breaks and the conference dinner.

Travel information

Regensburg is easily accessible by air, rail, and car. The nearest airports are Munich and Nürnberg. From there one can rejoin Regensburg by bus+train or by airport shuttle.


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View of the Stone Bridge and the picturesque Old Town of Regensburg (UNESCO World Heritage).(Photo: Tourist Office Regensburg)